REAL MOUNTIE's Crew support and Salute ALL VOLUNTEERS of RCMP members and personnel across Canada who work tirelessly in their communities to transform the lives of Canada's youth at risk of BULLYING or PSYCHOLOGICAL VIOLENCE in Schools. The RCMP Foundation raise funds to develop local community programs in support of child safety, drug awareness, crime prevention, literacy, internet safety, anti-bullying, victim assistance programs and other initiatives.

We will use our Garmin Chart Plotter to have access to Current Tide Tables at the same time we use the following time offsets:

The distance from The Battery in NYC to Throgs Neck at Long Island Sound (LIS) is 13.7 NM ( 15 Statutes Miles ).

The distance from The Battery to Hell Gate is 6.6 NM ( 7 Statutes Miles ).

The distance from Throgs Neck to Hell Gate is 7.1 NM ( 8.1 Statutes Miles ).

Tidal currents in the East River Flood to the North and East and Ebb to the South and West.

Slack Water at Hell Gate, on average, occurs 1 hr. 43 min. after Low Water at The Battery and at 1 hr. 46 min. after High Water at The Battery.

On average, slack water at Hell Gate occurs 01:46 after high water and 01:43 after low water at The Battery.

Adding these corrections to the times of high or low water will give us a close approximation of the times of slack water at Hell Gate.

We decided to use this system, but to avoid having to remember 2 different time corrections, We will use 01:45 for both high and low water.

When timing our transit of the East River for slack water at Hell Gate, the tradeoff will be an increase in the time required to make our passage.

However, since we can solve this problem using either high or low tides at The Battery, we will probably shorten our wait at the Statue of Liberty for the best departure time.

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