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Our journey started at 1900 Trip on the 2nd of July an we arrived at our farthest location point in Chatham, Cape Cod on the 20th of July.

Then on the 22nd of July, we started to return journey and we anchored in Kingsland Bay, Lake Champlain, Vermont on the 4th of September:

It took us 64 days for the whole summer trip at 1650-1700 rpm averaging 7 mph.

Traveling days to get to locations:

18 days to get to Chatham, Cape Cod.

5  days to do Nantucket, Martha's Vineyards, Newport, Bristol and Block Island.

13 days to return trip.

Total of 36 days of cruising at 7 miles per hour average.

Total distance travelled was 1279 Statute Miles (1,111 Nautical Miles) or 2058 kilometers.

We used 324 US Gallons of Fuel  for our Westerbeeke  6 cyl. Main engine  which runned for 203 hours and our Northen Light Generator runned 172.5 hours and Generator).

We had to perform 2 oil changes & filters.

Total  Average consumption of diesel is :  1.60 Gal per hour!!!

Diesel prices paid for this trip:

Shelburne, Vt 3.95$ 77.4 Gal 286.40$

Tarrytown NY 4.19$ 50.5 Gal 204.50$

Port Jefferson NY 4.77$ 38.0 Gal 181.10$

Mystic Ct 4.20$ 23.3 Gal 84.60$

Nantucket Ma 6.14$+2 taxes 45.29 Gal 301.02$ (Expensive... but Safety first when in the ocean...)

Melville RI 4.09$ 45.0 Gal 184.30$

Hawvestraw NY 4.29$ 61.8 Gal 262.04$

Shelburne, Vt 3.95$ 58.5 Gal 234.00$