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Our good friend Alice Connors, took a great picture of me sailing on a ACK 55. I am thankfull for this priceless memorable Kodak moment! This ACK 55 is a Rocket! 

Sad that SCOOT is for sale. I can assure that the lucky owners will have quite some thrills as the sailing experience is very pure... 10.5 knots single handed with a precision engineering and the symbol of excellence of this NEB custom project, teamed up with the San Diego design firm, Nelson/Marek Yacht Design. This is the result of developement for 20 years which includes the Americas Cup!!!

The ACK 55 (radio call letters for the Nantucket airport) is the latest in an evolution of performance day sailing. concepts from NMYD. An experienced yacht owner from Nantucket, USA spent years cruising on sail and power yachts before commissioning this sailing machine. 

The first Owner Russell Dale Phelon, who past away on March 19 2012 at 70 years old commented SCOOT’s performance very well: “The boat is faster than anything I am used to sailing and literally makes its own wind it goes so fast. We've done 9 knots into a wind of no more than 10 knots at relative wind angles of 35 or so degrees. The sails are easily raised, trimmed and lowered by one person and I won't hesitate to sail in 15 knots or better by me, which was one goal of the project. The boat looks as awesome as it goes. Everyone that has seen the boat goes WOW.”

2009 NEB - Nelson Marek ACK 55 Sail boat for sale,...

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